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Grab Your Girlfriends, Get Your PJs & Join Us for a Rockin' Fun Time!

From The Creator

798336_10151213467456981_1195087509_o.jpgHello, I’m Tammy Hauser, creative queen and Executive Producer of The Ultimate Pajama Party®. But of course, you can call me Tammy Pajammy because that is how everyone seems to know me. I love working in my pjs, seeing theater, dancing, having fun, throwing great parties, celebrating women, and giving back to my community. After my divorce in my forties, the death of several friends and some soul searching about what was important to me, I created an experience for women where they could celebrate each other, play together, and get their GIRL back.

What is the PJ Party?

This rock star GIRL POWER kingdom I created was called The Ultimate Pajama Party and it happened one night a year. Hundreds of women came in their pajamas and enjoyed  all the favorite things from my girlhood memories of slumber parties like: a dress up closet, photo bed, games & prizes, dancing, food & cocktails, girlfriends & gay friends, single guys that we auctioned off, shopping, spa treatments & a chance to give back and help other women in need. It was a fun GIRLS-NIGHT-OUT experience just for women.

Over the past two years, that single successful night event has been transformed into an interactive theatrical experience with a cast of 7 characters  a story centered on Lisa (the hostess of the party), who has gone through a divorce and is now embracing her new life adventure. It still includes the fun activities, games and prizes, food and cocktails, and a disco dance party with live band, Belladiva but brings them all together into an interactive show experience!

My producing partners include Sandy Hey of Hey City Theater fame (she is the QUEEN of interactive theater having produced Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, Beehive, Smokey Joe’s Café, and Forever Plaid in Minneapolis and four other cities), and Jim Sheeley, my business partner who has worked in commercial Broadway Theater for the past 18 years. We have a fabulous director, Ross Young and writers Jim Detmar and Dawn Brodey as well as an amazing cast or performers who bring the show to life. We open for a four week Showcase at The Lab Theater in downtown Minneapolis Jan 17-Feb 10, 2013 and then will pursue licensing, touring, and other commercial ventures.

Why should you want to come?

The Ultimate Pajama Party® is my gift to GIRLS of all ages! It is the one place where Boys Are NOT allowed (unless they agree to wear boas and rub our feet- or are our best GAY friends!). Seriously, it is an experience that encompasses all the things that make life enjoyable. The things that help us escape our daily responsibilities to family, work and others so that we can take time out to connect to the important women in our lives and reconnect to the girls we all used to be.

Why do I feel so passionate about it?

Women spend so much of their lives caring for others; they don’t take care of themselves. We all forget our girlhood dreams and passions as life goes by. We neglect to listen to our inner GIRL. We lose touch with our own dreams and passions. I know I did. I looked around in my forties and thought where has the time gone? Who am I? What are my special gifts and who do I want to share them with? This is the party show experience that I created for women to give them an excuse to laugh and play together and create new memories.

What other opportunities are there for partnerships with the PJ Party?

Become an investor-

Limited shares of 5K each remain. Join other smart influential women who want to support women-owned business and love theater. Enjoy investment returns on all future commercial touring and licensing ventures. Contact for an investor kit.

Become a sponsor-

Connect to thousands of women in a playful, unique, and interactive way! We are seeking specific health and wellness, financial, beauty, and other female related business categories. Get written into the script each night of the show, have a presence in the theater, or connect through promotions and couponing. Land Rover Jaguar, California Closets, and CRAVE have signed us so far! Contact for more info.